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  The E-Z Country / Pop Programming samplers
  LPM-1254  Elvis Presley
  LPM-1382  Elvis
  LPM-1515  Loving You
  LOC-1035  Elvis' Christmas Album
  LPM-1707  Elvis' Golden Records
  LPM-1884  King Creole
  LPM-1990  For LP Fans Only
  LPM-2011  A Date With Elvis
  LPM-1951  Elvis' Christmas Album
  LPM-2075  50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong
  Elvis' Gold Records - Volume 2
  LPM-2231 / LSP-2231  Elvis Is Back!
  LPM-2256 / LSP-2256  G. I. Blues
  LPM-2328 / LSP-2328  His Hand In Mine
  LPM-2370 / LSP-2370  Something For Everybody
  LPM-2426 / LSP-2426  Blue Hawaii
  LPM-2523 / LSP-2523  Pot Luck
  LPM-2621 / LSP-2621  Girls! Girls! Girls!
  LPM-2697 / LSP-2697  It Happened At The World's Fair
  LPM-2765 / LSP-2765  Elvis' Golden Records Volume 3
  LPM-2756 / LSP-2756  Fun In Acapulco
  LPM-2894 / LSP-2894  Kissin' Cousins
  LPM-2999 / LSP-2999  Roustabout
  LPM-3338 / LSP-3338  Girl Happy
  LPM-3450 / LSP-3450  Elvis For Everyone!
  LPM-3468 / LSP-3468  Harum Scarum
  LPM-3553 / LSP-3553  Frankie And Johnny
  LPM-3643 / LSP-3643  Paradise, Hawaiian Style
  LPM-3702 / LSP-3702  Spinout
  LPM-3758 / LSP-3758  How Great Thou Art as sung by Elvis
  LPM-3787 / LSP-3787  Double Trouble
  LPM-3893 / LSP-3893  Clambake
  LPM-3921 / LSP-3921  Elvis' Gold Records - Volume 4
  LPM-3989 / LSP-3989  Speedway
  PRS-279   Singer Presents Elvis Singing "Flaming Star" and Others
  CAS-2304   Elvis Sings "Flaming Star"
  LPM-4088  Elvis' TV Special
  LSP-4155  From Elvis in Memphis
  LSP-6020  From Memphis to Vegas / From Vegas to Memphis