John Boija (Swedish social security number 71 07 22-0498) has been employed by Stiftelsen Internationella Vadstena-Akademien during the following periods, 15th of June to 12th of August 1990 and 30th of March to 17th of August 1992. The first summer he was employed as assistant at the administrative office, but were later handed the position as stage manager for the opera production at Vadstena’s Old Theatre, involving great responsibility. This production was broadcast live by the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation. During his second period of employment he worked both with economy and administration, answering directly to the manager. Moreover, he has at several occasions been at hand to provide invaluable help with overcoming occasional periods of heavy workloads, i.e. in connection with the reallocation of the administrative office in Stockholm.

Stiftelsen Internationella Vadstena-Akademien is since 1964 committed to research and education within the field of musical drama. Every summer opera productions are staged at the Vadstena Castle and Vadstena’s Old Theatre. Each year the production involves around 150 persons from all of Sweden, including ranging from professional artists to students and stage trainees. A vast national media coverage and an ever growing international interest are good measure-sticks of the high quality. Performances are reviewed in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and the USA.

A continuous cooperation with the Swedish Broadcast Corporation and the National Television Corporation has resulted in 31 radio broadcasts and eight televised transmissions from Vadstena. Several joint-ventures have taken place both within Sweden and internationally.

Because of John Boija’s open intellect and flexibility, he could soon be entrusted a variety of tasks involving great responsibility. He has a natural ability for administration and organizational matters and he expresses himself with ease both verbally and in written. His logical mind and practical skills often provided solutions to problems quickly, even under intense and complicated circumstances.

John Boija is a positive and extrovert person, who is easy to cooperate with. He is trustworthy, efficient and achieved a proficiency in many different areas with extraordinary ease. I highly recommend him to any education or employment he may wish to attend, and to every imaginable form of financial aid in form of scholarships.

Stockholm, 14th April 1997

Astrid Lande, administrative manager and producer
Stiftelsen Internationella Vadstena-Akademien
Bergsgatan 57, S-112 31 Stockholm, Sweden
+46-8-652 61 80, +46-143-122 29