John Boija (Swedish social security number 710722-0498) has been a part-time employed secretary / assistant of Körkortsjuridiska Byrån between 11th of March 1996 and 31st of May 1997. Körkortsjuridiska Byrån assists the justice-seeking public in cases regarding driving licenses and criminal cases connected to driving licenses.

The tasks have included booking clients, registering received mail, contacts by telephone with clients, courts and other authorities, word-processing letters, documents and petitions to various courts and other authorities, and other memorials, and monitoring payments. John Boija has also independently monitored deadlines, that is he has seen to that documents and appeals have been sent off in time. The tasks have also included some assistance with i.e. legal investigations and research.

John Boija is a very able, energetic and effective person, who manages well to work independently. He has a very high capacity for work and is extraordinarily proficient in the field of computers and word-processing. He is even faster at typewriting than many competent full-time working secretaries.

John Boija is an extroversive person who handles personal contacts with ease. His contributions have provided assistance of great value. He is discharged at his own request.

Stockholm 1997-05-29

Kristian Birko

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