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Certificate for John Boija / 1998-12-05

Together with John Boija, I operated the enterprise Amazon-Doktorn between 1990 and 1996. It was a very intense and educative period, during which I got to know John very well.

Amazon-Doktorn’s line of business was buying Volvo Amazon automobiles in different conditions in order to either restore or scrap them. We sold spare-parts to Amazon-enthusiasts all over Sweden and Europe. Also, we repaired cars for a great number of Swedish customers. Moreover, we rented Amazons to customers who needed a reliable, well-maintained car for every-day use at a low cost. Running an expanding enterprise like Amazon-Doktorn included marketing, customer support, limited production to order, selling spare-parts and the Duckhams oil assortment at exhibitions and fairs and car provenance research. Naturally business included staying in constant contact with suppliers, authorities and other organizations.

Without any doubt, John with his sense of order was the ‘prefect’ of Amazon-Doktorn and he kept money and other papers in immaculate order. There were never any questions i e regarding the enterprise’s financial situation. Since a lot of cars passed through during the years, John also kept track of their respective identities and history. Regarding provenance research, John constantly found new, creative ways to collect the desired information. Sometimes new and rather unorthodox methods had to be applied and he always succeeded! Moreover, John is proficient in Windows, Word, Adobe PageMaker and the use of BBS, Internet and e-mail.

Another talent of John’s that has to be stressed is his cleverness with words, both in oral and in written. I never met anyone with equal writing skills, neither in Swedish nor English and same goes for spoken words. This was especially valuable for Amazon-Doktorn when it came to marketing and doing business at exhibitions and fairs. John makes a highly credible and reliable impression and possesses the ability to instantly ‘connect’ to those included in a conversation. I have also noticed that John shows no signs of nervousness when addressing even larger audiences - a rather rare qualification indeed.

John’s knowledge is both broad and deep, but he is also able to concentrate when it is called for. At many instances, we had to work all night through in order to enable a punctual delivery and regardless harsh conditions, John never failed. The delivery of creative ideas never gave in, even when facing stress and hard pressure, and they usually were presented with a large portion of humor.

I would like to sum John up as being a truly result-oriented ‘team player’, but furthermore he is also a powerful individualist who can manage any situation at his own. John can always be trusted and he always delivers.

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